All orders are first-come first-served. All items are bare-root. There is no warranty on any tree, shrub, or vine. Check your order for quality and accuracy at pickup. Follow all care instructions.

Pickups happen in Highgate and Montgomery on typically the first weekend in May each year. Orders are due in February and March typically. Keep an eye out in November and December for the species list for 2022. 

The Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District has been holding a spring tree sale at least as long as our Board can remember – and that goes back to 1978! The primary goal is to make native trees and backyard fruit trees affordable and accessible in our community, and it is also a fundraiser for our conservation programs and education. We are proud to source almost exclusively from Vermont and New York, with only occasional gaps filled by growers in other regions. This ensures the trees we sell you will be appropriate for our climate, and supports our local land-based economy. In 2021, we sold ~9,000 stems of 44 different species to 300 customers. Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you and your trees this year!



Brian Carlson, 2020

The tree sale not only creates an affordable site to purchase trees, there is a sense of hope and wellness in the act of planting. Thank you for that opportunity and being there. Looking forward to pick up and eventually birds in the branches.

Pick-up was very well laid out!!! I feel this was just an overall well-planned and laid-out sale under existing conditions and some of the changes that had to be made leading up to the final sale. Great sale!

George E Boutah, 2020

Always receive good service. Very impressed this year by service and care to continue program and protect everyone during coronavirus.

Bill Brooks, 2020

Brian Carlson, 2020

Your service and devotion to the cause of living things, including humans, strikes me as wonderous. Thank you for making the tree pickup more convenient. Your arrangements save gasoline and reduce pollution as a bonus. Thank you!

Love getting more plants for our homestead - thank you!

Michael Perry, 2020

Jeannie was super pleasant and great with the communication. A great first experience for me!

Genevieve Lodal-Guild, 2020