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Lake Carmi Watershed Workshop: Lakeshore Buffers

Updated: Sep 25

In case you missed it:

The Franklin County NRCD, in partnership with the Lake Champlain Basin Program and the Franklin Watershed Committee, hosted four public Watershed Workshops in Lake Carmi this summer.

During our first workshop, Holly Greenleaf from Greenleaf Design, LLC presented on the importance of lakeshore buffers. Planting a buffer is one way that lakeshore residents can help protect lake water quality.

Buffers are strips of land along the shoreline that are filled with healthy, native vegetation. This vegetation helps to stabilize the shoreline and protect lakeshores against erosive forces like wave action and ice push. Vegetated buffers also help to capture stormwater runoff before it reaches the lake. Healthy buffers are comprised of diverse types of vegetation, including tall canopy trees, shrubs, and herbaceous groundcover.

See more of Holly Greenleaf's Lakeshore Buffer presentation.

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