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Year 1 Tree Survivorship Results

Thank you to the 30 tree sale customers who completed the survivorship survey we shared with you all last year! You collectively reported on over 500 individual trees of almost 40 different varieties, representing purchases from 2019 all the way back to the 1990’s. It’s an impressive start to the dataset we intend to build. What we can report so far with confidence is that the surveys we received showed an overall average survivorship rate of 82%. While we would like to see survival above 90%, 82% is reasonable given all the variable stresses these trees might face: deer, drought, pests, overgrown with weeds, hit by a mower, improperly planted, poor quality planting stock, floods, voles, etc. We’d like to be able to analyze better which of these possible issues are most responsible when the trees you buy from us die, and to do that we need as much data as we can get. Please help us by completing our Tree Survivorship Survey - and as thanks, get $2 off this year's tree order. Thank you!

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