Apple, Cortland

Apple, Cortland

Malus domestica 'Cortland', 1/2" diameter at sale, sourced from New York.


    Cortland apples are cold hardy apples originating from New York, where they were developed at an agricultural breeding program in 1898. Cortland apples are a cross between Ben Davis and McIntosh apples. These apples have been around long enough to be considered heirlooms that have passed from generation to generation.
    The sweet, juicy, slightly tart apples are good for eating raw, cooking, or making juice or cider. Cortland apples work well in fruit salads because the snow white apples are resistant to browning. Gardeners appreciate Cortland apple trees for their beautiful pink blooms and pure white blossoms. These apple trees set fruit without a pollinator, but another tree in close proximity improves production. Many prefer to grow Cortland apples near varieties such as Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Redfree or Florina.Read more at Gardening Know How: Why Grow Cortland Apples: Cortland Apple Uses And Facts


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