Apple, Gala

Apple, Gala

Malus domestica 'Gala', 3/8"-7/8" diameter at sale, sourced from New York.


    The Gala is a propagated apple cultivar, from the 1920s, with a mild, sweet, and sometimes slightly tart flavor. It is a popular apple for fresh eating, salads, and cooking. 

    All apple trees require another apple cultivar for pollination. Most any variety will work if the bloom periods overlap adequately. Check the bloom times for your area for all options considered. The crabapple is often suggested due to its long bloom time. For the Gala specifically, the Fuji or the red or yellow delicious apple trees are good bloom matches. 

    Soil type needed is average to loamy but it responds to enriched soil with better production. Apple trees do best with a slightly acidic soil pH in the range of 5.0 to 6.8.

    Gala fruit production will respond best to full sun and air movement around the tree and through its branches. It is not recommended to place the tree near taller trees or structures that would shade it for a few hours each day. In summary, air movement, sunlight, and good soil and drainage all lead to a healthy, productive tree.