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Apple, Gala

Apple, Gala

Malus domestica

1/2"+ diameter at sale

~4-5 ft tall at sale

Sourced from New York


Sweet, tart, crisp. Mid-Season Bloom. Pollinator required. 

  • Description

    Crisp and snappy! One of your favorite grocery store apples is even better homegrown. Fruit is delectably sweet-tart, which makes it a great fresh-eating apple. In addition, it cooks and stores well, so plan to make this your go-to cooking and canning apple, too. Hangs well on the tree late into the season. Ripens in early October. Pollinator required: Choose another apple variety with mid-season bloom. 


    8-10 tall x 8-10" wide

    Bloom Color White
    Bloom Time Mid
    Chill Hours 700
    Fruit Color Red
    Fruit Size Medium - Large
    Ripens/Harvest Early October
    Shade/Sun Full Sun
    Soil Composition Loamy
    Soil Moisture Well Drained
    Soil pH Level 6.0 - 7.0
    Taste Sweet, Tart
    Texture Crisp, Juicy
    Years to Bear 2 - 5
    Zone Range 5 - 8

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