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Asparagus, Millenium

Asparagus, Millenium

Asparagus officinalis

Family: Asparagaceae

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High yielding. Harvest 2-3 years. Good flavor

  • General Information

    Recommended Spacing (ft) 2 - 3
    Mature Width (ft) 1 - 2
    Mature Height (ft) 4
    Pollination Needs Pollination not required
    Bloom Time April - May
    Ripens/Harvest April - May
    Soil pH 7.0 - 7.2
    Soil Type Loam
    Soil Moisture Well-drained
    Sun Preference Full Sun
    Taste Tender, slightly bitter
    Texture Crisp, crunchy


  • Description

    Millennium asparagus, developed by Professor David Wolyn, University of Guelph, Canada, has become a major contributor to the Ontario asparagus industry. Named "Seed of the Year" in 2005 at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. In Nourse's trial, Millennium has been productive, with high-quality, tender spears and good flavor. Thought to be best adapted to heavier soils, but results from Nourse's grower survey indicate success with a wide range of soil types. 


    Asparagus plants produce a light harvest in the 2nd year, a larger harvest in the 3rd year, and a full harvest in subsequent years.


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