Blueberries, Bluecrop & Northland

Blueberries, Bluecrop & Northland

Vaccinium cyanococcus, pair, 18-24" tall at sale, sourced from New Jersey.


    Because blueberries yield better with cross-pollination, we sell our plants in pairs of one Bluecrop and one Northland. You may specify if you would like only one of these varieties. Blueberries prefer acidic soil with pH between 4.5 and 5.5

    BluecropThis mid-season blueberry is the leading commercial variety grown, valued for its high yields of large, firm bright blue berries that grow in large clusters. The berry ripens in July and its flavor is superb, fresh or frozen. Bluecrop is known for its hardiness, vigor and consistent production. It self-pollinates but will yield larger crops if it is planted near another variety. The plant grows 4-6 feet tall.

    NorthlandNorthland blueberry, a variety developed by Michigan State University, has excellent winter hardiness. It has produced a consistent crop following winter temperatures as low as -30F. The medium-size berries are very flavorful - similar to wild blueberries. The plant grows to about 4-7 feet, with attractive foliage throughout the fall.