Cover Crop Seed Mix

Cover Crop Seed Mix

2 oz bag covers roughly 130 sq ft, sourced from Pennsylvania.

Inquire at for bulk orders. 


Compatible with other seed mixes offered: Wildlife Food & Shelter and Wetland Meadow


Seeding Rate: Expect to apply about 40 lbs per acre if applied alone. If applied with other seed mixes, expect to apply 30 lbs per acre. 


Cover Crop Mix


Mix Composition

75.0% Secale cereale, Variety Not Stated (Rye, Variety Not Stated)

12.5% Trifolium incarnatum, Variety Not Stated (Crimson Clover, Variety Not Stated)

7.5% Trifolium michelianum, Fixation (Balansa Clover, ‘Fixation’)

5.0% Raphanus sativus, GroundHog (Radish, ‘GroundHog’)