Cranberry, American 12" - 24"

Cranberry, American 12" - 24"

Viburnum trilobum
12-24 inch height at sale, bare root

Native to Vermont

Sourced from NY


Up to 8 ft. Harvest 2-3 years. Ripe Sept. 

  • Description

    American Cranberry is native to many eastern states. 

    The fruit should be used in preserves or sauces, rather than fresh eating. 

    Optimum services this plant provides include windbreaks, privacy, mammal habitat and forage, lake or pond borders. 

    The plant usually matures between 6 and 10 ft in height. It maintains a round shape and does not grow into spreading thickets.

    The plant is lush green throughout the spring and summer. It will bloom with white flowers in late May through mid June. In fall, the bush turns scarlet red, then the leaves drop. The bright red fruit is persistent on the plant throughout the winter, providing great ornamental and forage value. 

    Native plants perform best without any fertilizers,  amendments or supplemental irrigation.