Grape, Niagara White

Grape, Niagara White

Vitis labrusca 'Niagara'
10-16 inch height at sale, bare root
Sourced from NY


Green. Table or preserve. Ripe Sept. 

  • Description

    Also known as 'White Concord'. This variety is a seeded grape good for the table as well as juices, jams, jellies and white wines. It's parent lineage is a cross of Concord and Cassady. 


    Pollination and harvest time frames are similar to Concord, flowering in June and ready to harvest toward the end of September. They are also self-fertile but will benefit from multilple plants and varieties of grapes. 


    Care: Grapes prefer a bit of an acidic soil, between 5.5 and 6.5. They need a location with full sun. You may get a harvest in a couple of years, but you can expect to wait up to 4.  See the Resources below for additional information related to cultivating grapes. 

  • Resources

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