Insect House

Insect House


Constructed from cedar

Sourced from OH

  • Description

    Help a variety of insects locate suitable shelter in your landscaping with these Nature's Way Beneficial Insect Houses. Insects are fantastic pollinators, and some even provide natural pest control, for a thriving and lovely garden. Adding appropriate shelter for these animals can often entice them to visit your yard, and these two colorful pieces lend a fun hint to any setting. Classic, wooden frames create these homes, while their painted, pitched roofs add height.  Bamboo tubes fill one section of each abode, offering orchard and horn-faced bees roosting spots, while a pinecone behind a metal mesh net sits beneath each roof. This helps attract lacewings and earwigs, and a door with slot entries on each home allow butterflies and ladybugs to use the home. Thick, wooden rods with a central, predrilled hole are great for leaf cutter bees, and a metal hanger on the back of each shelter makes placement simple.  The wooden construction of each shelter enhances their natural motif, and remains durable for many seasons of service. Provide roosting to a wealth of insects with these Beneficial Insect Houses. Shelter may have a yellow or blue roof and can be mounted on a fence or wall.