Peach, Reliance

Peach, Reliance

Prunus persica 'Reliance'

1/2-7/8 inch stem diameter at sale, bare root

Sourced from New York


Cold hardy. Sweet and tart. Pink blooms.

  • Description

    Reliance Peach trees are very hardy with a heavy crop production. It is great for cold climates (up to zone 4, all but the highest areas of VT’s NEK) and produces a medium-large, orange-red fruit that ripens in early August. The peaches are soft and juicy with a sweet, classically peachy flavor, and they are great for canning. The tree will grow 12-20 feet tall and bears pink flowers in early spring.


    Other Names: Prunus persica 

    Native to: Bred in the 1950s by Dr. Meader at the University of New Hampshire for cold hardiness, surviving up to -25F. 

    Flower Color: Pink

    Pollination: blooms late (late May into June),  Can self-pollinate, but yield will increase with multiple trees or multiple species of trees. 

    Fruit Color: Yellow with a red blush, flesh is yellow. 

    Fruit Size: Medium-Large

    Type: Freestone

    Harvest in: 2-5 years

    Harvest Window:  Early August

    Mature yield: 3-6 bushels

    Mature height: 12-20 ft

    Mature width: 12-15 ft

    Growth Rate: Up to 24 inches per year

    Light Requirements: At least 6 hours per day

    Water Requirements: 1-2 gallon per week or 1-2 inches of rainfall

    Disease: Senstitive to very wet soils.

    Pruning:  Early Spring


    • Year 1: Avoid fertilizer  
    • Subsequent years: Feed twice a year, Once in April and again in May
    • Fertilizer: 10-10-10 is sufficient
    • Soil pH: 6.5-7.0
  • Resources

    The University of Maine has released a Bulliten about growing peach trees, which is also helpful to Vermonters. Read the Bulliten Here