Pear, Blake's Pride

Pear, Blake's Pride

Pyrus communis 'Blake's Pride'

3/8 - 5/8 inch stem diameter at sale, bare root

Sourced from NY


Yellow fruit. Fire blight resistance.

  • Description

    Other Names:  Purys communis L.
    Lineage: US 446 x US 505 in 1965 by H.J. Brooks

    Native to: Developed in 1990s at Ohio State University, named after Roland Blake. Selected for fire blight resistance and flavor.

    Flower Color:  White

    Fruit Color: Yellow

    Fruit Size: Medium

    Type: Fresh eating, storage, canning, baking

    Harvest in: About 6 years

    Harvest Window: September

    Mature yield: 50-150#

    Mature height: 10-15 ft

    Mature width: 12’

    Growth Rate: 8-20 inches per year

    Light Requirements: At least 6 hours per day

    Water Requirements: 1 gallon or 1 inch of rainfall per week


    • Year 1: none
    • Years 2-4: ½ cup per year per plant (loose recommendation, please follow label)
    • Years 5+: 1 cup per plant (loose recommendation, please follow label)
    • Fertilizer: 13-13-13 granular applied in Spring
    • Soil pH: 6.0-6.5

    Disease: Moderate resistance to fire blight

    Note: Blake’s Pride has been grafted onto rootstock OHxF 97, a fire blight resistant clonal Rootstock.

  • Resources

    Fireblight resistant pear rootstocks, The Good Fruit Grower.  


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