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Pine, White

Pine, White

Pinus strobus

Family: Pinaceae

10-16" tall at sale, bare root


Native to Vermont

Sourced from New York and Michigan


High value timber

  • General Information

    Recommended Spacing (ft)

    20 - 40

    Mature Width (ft)

    20 - 40

    Mature Height (ft)

    50 - 80

    Annual Growth Rate (in)

    > 24

    Sun Preference

    Full Sun, Partial Shade

    Soil Type Preference

    Loamy, Slightly  Acidic

    Soil Moisture Preference

    Well-drained, Moist, Dry

  • Description

    This widespread and widely planted tree grows quickly on a variety of dry to wet soils. Virgin stands of this long-lived tree (to 450 years) once covered New England. Its soft wood is exceptionally useful for construction, and it is also sometimes used as a Christmas tree. It provides important winter habitat for songbirds such as chickadees, pine warblers, and pine grosbeaks.

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