Raspberry, Latham Red

Raspberry, Latham Red

Rubus idaeus

9-15 inch at sale, bare root

Sourced from NY


Summer bearing. Bear on floricanes.

  • Description

    Latham was released by the Minnesota Fruit Breeding Farm in 1914. It is one of the earliest raspberries produced through controlled crossing, and is cold hardy. It is a summer bearing, red,  raspberry. 

    Raspberries will grow new canes out of the ground. First year canes are green and called primocanes. After a year, they turn woody and brown and are known as floricanes. Latham raspberries produce fruit on floricanes. 


    Latham red grows erect and is thorny. The berries are ready to harvest in late July, around the same time as blueberries. Plants will produce best when there is a number of plants grown together. 

  • Resources

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