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Tree Tube

Tree Tube

Tubex Combitude

5 ft tall, cut to size for your plants

Protect tree/shrub from wildlife and equipment

Sourced from NY

(Stake not included)


Helps in tree establishment in new sites where there is minimal vegetation or protection from the elements such as bright sun and strong winds.  Tree tubes also help protect the tree from animal browse and weed wackers. You should use a stake to secure the tube. Be sure to remove the tube when the tree begins to outgrow it. 


Consider a tree tube for deciduous species that mammals favor for forage, such as maple species. 

  • Description

    TUBEX COMBITUBE tree shelters are designed for more exposed sites where there is a greater contrast between growing conditions within the shelters and those without. They provide an improved micro-climate at the base of the shleter which results in better initial establishment of the tree. TUBEX COMBIUBE has a ventilated upper section of the tree shelter which enables the plant to acclimatize to external conditions improving trunk and root development. 


    Higher air moisture within the TUBEX COMBITUBE tree shelter reduces water stress and enables the plant to survive better in dry or drought conditions. 

    Ventiliation is provided by anumber of 44mm perforations in a set of 100mm deep bands at the top of the TUBEX COMBITUBE tree shelter. 45cm of solid shelter at the base provides herbicide protection. 

    TUBEX COMBITUBE tree shelters also provide reliable protection from animal browing (rabbits, haren, muntjac, and deer). 


    Hints and tips: 

    - Use a quality stake, inserted into the ground to 1/3 of its height, ensuring the stake is below the flared rim at the top of the shelter. 

    - Using the tree shelters natural strength, push lightly into the ground to remove gaps at the base

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