Tupelo, Black

Tupelo, Black

Nyssa sylvatica

18-24 inch in height at sale, bare root

Native to Vermont

Sourced from NY


Prime wildlife forage. Fall: Red

  • Description

    Native from Southeastern Canada through Texas. Also known as black-gum. 


    Common in forests, shorelines, and along streams but can also grow in fields and on sloping hills. The tree is distinctive with its dark bark. It can grow with multiple trunks to form an open crown or grow as a single stem. At 20 years, the tree is usually about 30 ft tall, the tree can reach around 95 ft.  The tree does not like sites that are extremely dry. Black Tupelo does well in a generally fine or medium textured soil and some dampness.  Avoid planting in clay heavy bottomlands. Select this tree for a striking ornamental landscape tree or as a shade provider near a natural water  source. Protecting young trees from harsh winds will help in establishment. The combination of bark and foliage has a conspicuous autumn presence.