Wildlife Food and Shelter Seed Mix

Wildlife Food and Shelter Seed Mix

2 oz bag covers roughly 250 sq ft with a cover crop, sourced from Pennsylvania.


Height: 0.7 – 16.0 Ft
Seeding Rate: 20 lb per acre, or 1/2 lb per 1,000 sq ft with a cover crop. For a cover crop use one of the following: grain rye (1 Sep to 30 Apr; 30 lbs/acre), Japanese millet (1 May to 31 Aug; 10 lbs/acre), or barnyard grass (1 May to 31 Aug; 10 lbs/acre).


General Product Information:

The wetland shrubs and sedges can create a typical shrub/sedge wetland and provide year-round food and cover for many game animals and migrating birds. Establishment takes several years, but costs much less than planting seedlings or potted material. Seed from October-May in full sun to shaded areas in wet soils. Mix formulations are subject to change without notice depending on the availability of existing and new products. While the formula may change, the guiding philosophy and function of the mix will not.


Mix Composition

27.4% Carex vulpinoidea, PA Ecotype (Fox Sedge, PA Ecotype)

20.0% Elymus virginicus, PA Ecotype (Virginia Wildrye, PA Ecotype)

15.0% Carex lupulina, PA Ecotype (Hop Sedge, PA Ecotype)

15.0% Carex scoparia, PA Ecotype (Blunt Broom Sedge, PA Ecotype)

14.0% Carex lurida, PA Ecotype (Lurid Sedge, PA Ecotype)

3.0% Juncus effusus (Soft Rush)

2.0% Asclepias incarnata, PA Ecotype (Swamp Milkweed, PA Ecotype)

2.0% Carex crinita, PA Ecotype (Fringed Sedge, PA Ecotype)

1.0% Cornus amomum, IA Ecotype (Silky Dogwood, IA Ecotype)

0.3% Aronia melanocarpa, OH Ecotype (Black Chokeberry, OH Ecotype)

0.3% Cephalanthus occidentalis (Buttonbush)