Trout Sale

Every spring we organize a trout sale as a service to our region and a modest fundraiser for our conservation programs. Stocking your pond with trout is a great way to provide food and fun for your family – and the wildlife! Many pond owners talk about watching osprey and herons prey on the trout in their ponds.

But while stocking trout is fun and valuable, the far better way to support conservation and the recovery of our native fish populations is to improve their habitat. This means installing and maintaining properly-sized culverts (often much larger than what is currently in place), connecting habitat by removing dams, keeping sediment or chemicals from getting into streams, and planting trees and shrubs along streams to provide both shade and insects for trout to feed on.


Want help with a project to improve trout habitat? Contact the District! We may either have a program or be able to connect you with other resources.

For all 6-8" fish the minimum order is 25 and they must be picked up in St. Albans on Tuesday, May 11th at 1:00pm. Be sure to provide your contact information at check-out so we can tell you where to meet the truck.

All 10-12" fish will be delivered to your pond, and there is a minimum order of 50 fish.

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