Brook Trout, 6-8", bag of 25

Brook Trout, 6-8", bag of 25

Brook Trout are native to eastern North America and require a year-round supply of cold, oxygenated water (45-60*F is optimal). The brook trout is generally considered a favorite game fish with its beauty, easy catchability and unrivaled table appeal combining to make it the highly reputable fish that it is.


Generally it is okay to mix different species of trout or trout of different sizes. In some situations competition, limited feed and cannibalism can destroy the weaker and/or smaller trout. Trout will eat other trout half their size or less. However, a healthy pond with plenty of insects and plant life will minimize any incompatibility.


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    All 6-8" fish must be picked-up at the designated time and place. All 10-12" fish will be delivered to your pond.

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