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Check back here in late fall 2022 for information on the 2023 tree sale - and for now - happy planting and blooming!

If you have any specific requests for 2023, or are interested in bulk evergreens, please contact us ahead of time at

What is a bare root plant?
Just like last year, our annual Tree Sale offers only one style of plant this year: bare root.

These plants are made by rooting cuttings or suckers from a plant, or from planting a

seed. At the nursery, plants are dug up while they are dormant. It is normal to not see

any leaves or buds on a bare root plant, unless it is an evergreen. Bare root plants carry

less risk of spreading diseases and insects, since there is no soil and minimal leaf matter.

Bare roots are also lightweight, economical, and easy to plant. 

We will have your order ready and bagged with the roots covered in damp sawdust,

shavings, newspaper, or sand. Keep the plants in the bag in a shady location until they

are ready for planting- it does not take long for air and wind to dry out the roots. Since

these plants are young, you can expect them to transplant well with minimal care compared to a large tree or shrub. It's best not to fertilize within their first year to prevent shock and encourage roots to seek out food and water. Variety-specific recommendations can be found at 

About Fruit Trees

In early spring before their leaves have unfurled, branches of fruit trees are generously decorated in showy, wonderfully aromatic flowers representative of the Rose family. They bloom from March to May. Flowers are typically open for 2 weeks. Times of bloom are generally classified as early, mid, or late. Pick a full flush of bloom periods, or pick a few that all bloom together. 


Self-fertile: They can fertilize themselves. They can also fertilize most other varieties

Self-sterile: Require another variety's pollen for any fruit.

Most varieties are in-between these two categories. You will get some fruit with only one tree, but having a mix of pollen sources from multiple trees and/or multiple species will give best results. 

Some Local Nurseries for Other Plants and Supplies
River Berry Farm 191 Goose Pond Rd, Fairfax. 802-849-6853
H&B Greenhouse & Nursery  1213 Highgate Road, Highgate Center. 802-868-3604
Breezy Acres Garden Center 1904 Sheldon Road, St. Albans. 802-524-4141
Hudak Farm Stand and Greenhouse 599 St. Albans Road, Swanton. 802-527-1147
Shumway's Landscaping and Nursery 11 Spring Street, Swanton. 802-868-2334
Beaver Meadow Greenhouses 2107 Montgomery Road, East Berkshire. 802-933-4116
Champlain Island's Nursery 183 Boutah Road, Alburgh. 802-796-3021
Grand Isle Nursery 50 Ferry Road, South Hero. 802-372-8805
Canamak Farms 336 US Route 2, Grand Isle. 802-372-8258
Lussier's Greenhouse 3532 Vermont Route 78, Highgate Center 802-868-0888
Fairfax Perennial Farm 7 Blackberry Hill, Fairfax. 802-849-2775


A box containing bundles of bare root trees.

The Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District has been holding a spring tree sale at least as long as our Board can remember – and that goes back to 1978! The primary goal is to make native trees and backyard fruit trees affordable and accessible in our community, and it is also a fundraiser for our conservation programs and education.

In 2022, we sold ~9,000 stems of 60 different species to 250 customers. Thank you for your support!

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at: or calling 802-528-4176.

A smiling woman holds up small bare root evergreen trees.


Brian Carlson, 2020

The tree sale not only creates an affordable site to purchase trees, there is a sense of hope and wellness in the act of planting. Thank you for that opportunity and being there. Looking forward to pick up and eventually birds in the branches.

A supportive testimonial quote from a tree sale customer.

Pick-up was very well laid out!!! I feel this was just an overall well-planned and laid-out sale under existing conditions and some of the changes that had to be made leading up to the final sale. Great sale!

A supportive testimonial quote from a tree sale customer.

George E Boutah, 2020

Always receive good service. Very impressed this year by service and care to continue program and protect everyone during coronavirus.

A supportive testimonial quote from a tree sale customer.

Bill Brooks, 2020

Brian Carlson, 2020

Your service and devotion to the cause of living things, including humans, strikes me as wonderous. Thank you for making the tree pickup more convenient. Your arrangements save gasoline and reduce pollution as a bonus. Thank you!

A supportive testimonial quote from a tree sale customer.

Love getting more plants for our homestead - thank you!

A supportive testimonial quote from a tree sale customer.

Michael Perry, 2020

Jeannie was super pleasant and great with the communication. A great first experience for me!

A supportive testimonial quote from a tree sale customer.

Genevieve Lodal-Guild, 2020