Pear, Bartlett

Pear, Bartlett

Pyrus communis 'Williams', 1/2" diameter at sale, sourced from New York.


    Pear, Bartlett

    1/2" diameter at sale, sourced from New York.


    Other Names: Williams’ Pear. Pyrus communis 'Williams'

    Native to: Europe. Brought to USA in 1800s.

    Fruit Color: yellow or red??? KNOW SOURCE

    Fruit Size: medium to large

    Type: Desert- Use for baking, fresh eating, sauces, juices

    Harvest in: 3-10 years

    Harvest Window: August

    Mature yield: up to 15 bushels

    Size: Standard

    Mature height: 20’

    Mature width: 12’

    Growth Rate: 2’ per year

    Light Requirements: At least 6 hours per day

    Water Requirements: 1 gallon per week or 1 inch of rainfall per week

    Pollination: Can Self-pollinate. Yield known to increase with multiple cultivars. Compatible with Anjou, Bosc and Comice

    Fertilizer: Year 1: none

    Years 2-4: ½ cup per year per plant

    Years 5+: 1 cup per plant

    Best fertilizer: 13-13-13 granular applied in Spring

    Best Soil pH: 6.0-6.5

                    Disease: Susceptible to fire blight

                    Pruning: Late Winter

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