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Amelanchier lamarckii

1-2 ft height at sale, bare root

Native to Vermont

Sourced from Michigan


Dark purple fruit. Blooms April. Fall Color. 


Self fertile - can reproduce with one plant, but planting two or more is preferred. Will also pollinate others. 


Aka: Juneberry, Shadblow

  • Description

    Pedigree: A. canadensis x A. laevis - natural hybrid

    The flowers of Serviceberry appear before leaf emergence in spring. Also known as Juneberry, the plant produces berries in June before typical cultivated berries are ready such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. The fruits are used in pies, jams and more.


    This native shrub can reach up to 20 ft and is cold hardy. Color in autumn is variable but foliage can range from orange to red. Bark is light gray and smooth. In the wild, it is found as an understory shrub. The plant can tolerate shade as well as sun. Prune to your liking for desired shape, whether it is a contained tree form or an open, flowing and organic shape. This plant is relatively slow growing and won't get out of hand. However, if you would like the berries to grow closer to the ground, consider pruning it back every few years in late winter. 

  • Resources

    Species Details from the US National Plant Germplasm System, USDA Agricultural Research Service

    Canadian Serviceberry Plant Guide, USDA