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Small witchhazel shrub with yellow flowers.

Witch Hazel

Hamamelis virginiana L. 

Family: Hamamelidaceae

1 - 2 ft height at sale, bare root

Native to Vermont

Sourced from NY


Blooms winter. Yellow flowers. Thicket.

  • General Information

    Recommended Spacing (ft)

    10 - 12

    Mature Width (ft)

    15 - 20

    Mature Height (ft)

    20 - 30

    Annual Growth Rate (in)

    13 - 24

    Sun Preference

    Full Sun

    Soil Type

    Loamy, sandy, silty loam

    Soil Moisture

    Moist, well-drained

  • Description

    The native range for American witch hazel includes Southern Ontario and Nova Scotia south to Florida, and west as far as Texas. It is found in the following areas of Vermont: Northeastern spruce-fir forests, Oak-hickory forests, Beech-Maple, and Northern hardwoods. It is usually found on slopes and hilltops; generally found in drier locations. It grows well intermingled with mountain laurel, white ash, rhododendrons, summersweet clethra, and dogwoods. Witch hazel is shade tolerant. 


    The plant is deciduous and can form as a shrub or small tree, with a stout trunk, and with many crooked branches. The majority of seeds are dispersed by wind.  Flowers form in the fall (Late September). The plant is attractive to pheasant, grouse, and bobwhite. American witch hazel has documented ethnobotanical uses, and the plant is a popular ornamental for winter color. 

  • Photo Credit

    By Keichwa - Own work, CC BY 1.0,


    By Daderot, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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