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Red apple on a branch.

Apple, Cortland

Malus domestica

Family: Rosaceae

1/2-7/8" diameter at sale

~4-5 ft tall at sale

Sourced from New York


Ruby red apples. Early-mid bloom. Pollinator required. 

  • General Information

    Recommended Spacing (ft) 12 - 16

    Mature Width (ft)

    8 - 15
    Mature Height (ft) 8 - 15
    Pollination Needs Requires cross-pollination
    Bloom Time April
    Ripens/Harvest September
    Soil pH 6.0 - 7.0
    Soil Type Loam
    Soil Moisture Well-drained
    Sun Preference Full Sun
    Taste Tart
    Texture Crisp


  • Description

    Won’t turn brown! This productive tree bears gorgeous ruby red apples with a snowy center that won’t brown in salads. Also perfect for pies and cider. Originates from Geneva, New York in 1898. Cold-hardy.


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