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Blackberry, Darrow

Blackberry, Darrow

Rubus 'Darrow'

12-24 inches height at sale, bare root

Sourced from NY


Up to 5 ft. Harvest in 2 years. Ripe August.

  • Description

    Darrow  is a thorny, erect blackberry variety which has been developed at Cornell University and selected for cold hardiness. Darrow produces fruit on laterals of the floricanes. 

    Shoots grow from the ground on blackberries. First year shoots are called primocanes. Canes two years and older are called floricanes. These older canes produce side shoots or branches known as laterals, this is where the fruit is produced. 

  • Resources

    Trellis Systems by NC State Extension 

    Blackberry Variety Review, Cornell Cooperative Extension

    Site Preparation and Spacing, NC State Extension

    Pruning Erect Blackberries in the Home Garden, Ohio State University Extension

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