Rainbow Trout, 6-8", bag of 25

Rainbow Trout, 6-8", bag of 25

Rainbow Trout can tolerate warmer water (55-65*F is optimal) and tend to be somewhat hardier. The rainbow trout is gamier than the brook trout, often leaping from the water to strike a fly and is also excellent eating. Rainbows can survive in stagnant water, have a longer life span and grow faster than brook trout, and can be handled for catch and release fishing.


Generally, it is okay to mix different species of trout or trout of different sizes. In some situations, competition, limited feed, and cannibalism can destroy the weaker and/or smaller trout. Trout will eat other trout half their size or less. However, a healthy pond with plenty of insects and plant life will minimize any incompatibility.


How many trout would be suitable for a pond? Pond conditions dictate numbers and species of trout to stock. The average one-acre pond with a depth of eight feet that stays full all summer with fresh water can generally support 300 trout. Any of several variables may advocate stocking fewer trout, the most important being a dropping water level during the hot, summer months. The warmer the water, the lower the dissolved oxygen content, so it is important not to overstock a pond if the water level tends to drop during late summer.

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