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Silky dogwood shrub in a forest setting.

Dogwood, Silky

Cornus amomum

Family: Cornaceae

2 -3 ft height at sale, bare root


Native to Vermont

Sourced from NY and MI


Like Red Osier Dogwood, but with gray bark. Wildlife. 

  • General Information

    Recommended Spacing (ft)

    2 - 6

    Mature Width (ft)

    6 - 10

    Mature Height (ft)

    6 - 10

    Annual Growth Rate (in)

    12 - 36

    Sun Preference

    Partial Shade

    Soil Type

    Acidic, loamy, rich, sandy, silty loam, wide range soils

    Soil Moisture

    Moist, wet, well-drained

  • Description

    Silky dogwood is used for windbreaks, borders, streambank and slope stabilization, wildlife habitat, and for ornamental use. 


    The best location for dogwoods are moist. They do fine in the shade, not so well in hot, bright, dry areas. Plant between 2 and 6 feet apart and prune back as desired. If using as an ornamental landscape, use thick landscape fabric to prevent spread. This plant is naturally thicket forming and great for filling in natural areas that remain on the moist side.  It is excellent along streams, ditches, ponds and lakes. See the Monrovia article below for further information. 

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