Sycamore, American

Sycamore, American

Platanus occidentalis L. 

18-24 inch in height at sale, bare root

Native to Vermont

Sourced from NY


Great shade tree. Fall: Yellow

  • Description

    American Sycamore is commercially grown for rough lumber and pulp. It is a widespread species native to a large portion of the US. 

    This tree grows fast and has large leaves, and is a great choice for a large shade tree. It can be planted in poor quality soils, disturbed sites, near banks and runoff areas. This tree is very tolerant of flooding. 

    After 20 years, the tree should be around 60 feet tall, and will usually max out around 100 feet. 

    In Windham County, VT, there is an American Sycamore with a height of 115 ft and a circumference of 202 inches. To report a Big Tree in Vermont, look at photos of giant trees, to track one down to visit, see Vermont's Big Trees