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Assistance for Agricultural Producers

The 2024 Guide is here! It has updated information for calendar year 2024 and new programs to learn about!

Guide to Assistance for Agricultural Producers of Vermont

This is the updated version for 2024. We plan to update it each year. Please send any and all feedback to or via the comment box below for us to incorporate into future versions.


We hope this guide is a great resource for our community!

In June 2023, grant managers from across the Agency of Agriculture got together to deliver a 1.5hr webinar on the grant opportunities available to Vermont farmers from the state of Vermont. The intended audience of this webinar was service providers who work with Vermont farmers. A very wide range of grant opportunities were discussed, including Water Quality grants (3:27 in webinar), Working Lands Enterprise Board grants (15:36), Dairy Business Innovation Center grants (33:21), marketing and branding resources and grants (53:21), Local Food Purchase Assistance grants (1:00:50), Farm First and PASA farmworker relief payments (1:09:45), and Produce Safety grants (1:18:50). 

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