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Lake Carmi Education and Project Development

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Lake Carmi

The Franklin County NRCD is partnering with the Franklin Watershed Committee with funding from the Lake Champlain Basin Program to host four educational Watershed Workshops for Lake Carmi residents this summer. 


If you were unable to attend any of our 2023 Watershed Workshops, check out the helpful resources and workshop recordings below.

Blue Water

Let's learn about lake health!

Are you curious about Lake Carmi? Have you wondered what a healthy stream looks like? Would you like to learn more about the impacts of phosphorus on lake health? Come be a part of the conversation at our 2023 Watershed Workshop Series for Lake Carmi residents!

Each workshop will consist of a 1 hour presentation and Q&A from a local expert, and 1 hour of break out discussion groups. Participants are encouraged to share any questions or thoughts on Lake Carmi. All are welcome!

Healthy Shorelines Part One: Lake Shore Buffers

featuring Holly Greenleaf of Greenleaf Design, LLC

Wednesday, July 19th, 1:00pm

Healthy Shorelines Part Two: Lake Wise Tips for Homeowners

featuring Lauren Weston of the Franklin County NRCD

Tuesday, August 21st, 1:00pm

Healthy Streams: How Watersheds Impact Lake Health

featuring Staci Pomeroy of the VTDEC Rivers Program

Monday, August 21st, 1:00pm

Lake Science 101: Lake Chemistry and Biology Basics

featuring Matt Vaughan of the Lake Champlain Basin Program

Tuesday, September 5th, 1:00pm

All workshops will take place at the FELCO Room in the Franklin Homestead & Carriage House, located at 142  Homestead Drive, Franklin VT, 05457.

Please RSVP by emailing or calling 802-528-4159.

Check out our workshop recordings and other water quality and stormwater management resources

Workshop 1
Healthy Shorelines, Part One:
Lakeshore Buffers

Workshop 2
Healthy Shorelines, Part Two:
Lake Wise Tips for Homeowners

Workshop 3
Healthy Streams: How Watersheds Impact Lake Health

Workshop 4
Lake Science 101: Lake Chemistry and Biology Basics

Be Lake Wise at Lake Carmi!

Want to learn how to do your part to keep the lake clean? The Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District and the Franklin Watershed Committee are teaming up to offer free Lake Wise visits for Lake Carmi residents and campers this summer. Participants in this free program will learn ways to manage their camp to improve lake health. The program is completely voluntary and nonregulatory.

Email or call 802-528-4159 to schedule your free Lake Wise visit today!

Lake Carmi at Sunset with hazy clouds.

Lake Carmi Watershed Best Management Practices Assessment

The Franklin County NRCD is partnering with Franklin Watershed Committee and Fitzgerald Environmental Associates to assess progress and create new opportunities for improved water quality throughout the Lake Carmi watershed. 

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Vermont Clean Water Information

Restoring Lake Carmi

Vermont Clean Water Lecture Series

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