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July 19th at Does' Leap - Harnessing the Vermont Ripsower

Using the Vermont Ripsower for improved yield, livestock performance, soil formation, pollinator care, and total infiltration farming.

When: July 19th, 10am-3pm

Where: Does’ Leap Farm, 1703 Vermont Rte 108 South, East Fairfield, VT 05448

The workshop is free, but please register by contacting Lauren Weston at Franklin County NRCD by phone at 802-528-4176 or by email at

*3 total hours of Water Quality Training Credit and 3 total hours of Custom Applicator Training Credit are available for attendees*

The Vermont Ripsower interplants diverse, deep-rooted flowering forbs, decompacts topsoil and subsoil at increasing depths, triggers and aids topsoil-formation processes, and applies farm-brewed biostimulants and minerals to seeds during planting for:

  • increasing yield and forage quality

  • total infiltration farming

  • unlocking accelerated topsoil-formation

  • increasing soil biodiversity

  • reducing fertilizer and other inputs

  • drought proofing our farms and watersheds

  • increasing food and environmental security for our communities

  • reversing the insect extinction event

In the first ripsowing workshop of the season, attendees will get an overview of ripsowing theory, basic agronomy, history, evidence & strategy, see ripsowing of diverse forbs with farm-brewed microbial inoculants, learn about proper ripsowing layout relative to contour, and learn how to properly operate the ripsower and initiate the Keyline soil formation sequence. Participants will also receive a brief overview of the scientific landscape-feedback learning system the Land Care Cooperative is operationalizing to optimize ripsowing and overall management to heal land.

**This event is part one of a two part series. A second workshop is scheduled for September 14th at Larson Farm/SVT Farm in Wells, VT with the same material, plus outcomes and experiences from the season.

July 19 Vermont Ripsower at Does Leap
Download PDF • 3.74MB

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