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New Farm Bill Brings Changes to NRCS

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

The new Farm Bill passed in 2018 is just beginning to take effect. The Farm Bill supports programs administered through USDA, all the way from nutrition to support for beginning farmers and from crop insurance to conservation, and much more. Your USDA-NRCS team here in Vermont wants to let NRCS participants know about changes to the program processes. Applicants will no longer need to apply to “EQIP” or “CSP,” but will instead apply for a Conservation Plan. Once the applicant and the NRCS Planner have understood the conservation needs, explored the possible options, and decided on a plan, NRCS will determine which financial assistance program is best suited to the application. NRCS hopes this change will focus resources more strongly on quality technical assistance and improve conservation plans, reducing the need to cancel or modify financial assistance contracts. Questions? Contact Wynea Buford  at 528-4174

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