Time to place your orders for trees!

Looking for something besides the end of COVID to look forward to? Now’s the time to plan some trees, shrubs, or fruit for your home! We’re excited to bring back butternut and pear trees this year. The early-bird prices are available through March 15th, after which most listings will rise by 10-20%. Fill out our tree survivorship survey if you have purchased trees from us before, and earn $2 off your order!

Questions about what to buy? We’d love to help advise. Since we are mostly remote in the

COVID environment, calling (802-528-4176) or emailing is the better way to reach us rather than stopping by the office. We look forward to seeing you and your trees!

We have 42 products this year, so be sure to scroll through our whole store! You can browse and order online here (credit card, paypal, or checks accepted for online orders), or download our descriptions document and order form.

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