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1300 Native Trees and Shrubs Planted in Franklin County in Celebration of Earth Day 2022

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On April 22, 2022, also known as Earth Day, the Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District, alongside 350VT, US FWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, and many others came together to plant 1300 native trees and shrubs on private property along the Fairfield Swamp Wildlife Management Area in Fairfield, VT. Many thanks to the landowners who are hosts to these plants and all 37+ staff, volunteers, and friends who came to help us plant in celebration of Earth Day!

Thanks to the NRCS, Grand Isle County NRCD, Northwest Regional Planning Commission, Friends of Northern Lake Champlain, ECO AmeriCorps Program, South Hero Land Trust, DEC Rivers Program, and UVM Forestry Club who helped us finish the day strong! 1300 stems in one day is a massive feat and we are so proud and honored that our community rallied around this project and these plants! Thanks to all who came to support and lend a hand!

Volunteers, mostly from the UVM Forestry Club lined up for a photo in front of the Fairfield Swamp WMA

This work could not have been completed without the support of 350VT and their Rewild Vermont project, as well as the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program of the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Volunteers kneel in a hay field planting trees

A note from 350VT:

350VT’s Rewild Vermont campaign hopes to build on synergies between food justice, climate action and ecological restoration to meet the ambitious goal of planting thousands of trees across the state by the end of 2022. Trees absorb carbon, build soil, limit erosion and are the keystones of most Vermont ecosystems. They can also feed people and ground us in the patience and commitment desperately needed in these times. The Rewild projects help sow the seeds for a vibrant, livable future, which centers climate justice and the principles of our Just Transition Campaign. We hope that these tree planting projects, that we have collaborated on with many groups around the state, will help highlight the climate crisis and the need to justly transition off of Fossil fuels. To learn more please visit our website at We would also like to thank the Arbor Day Foundation for helping to make the Rewild Project a success and for contributing to the purchase of these trees, and to the Franklin County Conservation District for making the event a success!

Volunteers planting trees in the distance behind already planted trees in a hay field

Volunteers planting trees under a blue sky with white clouds

A pickup truck with shovels leaned up against it, a blue tarp on the ground, and the planting area in the photo background

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