350 Trees and Shrubs Planted along the Lamoille River

As part of efforts to stabilize a floodplain, provide habitat, and improve water quality, the Franklin County NRCD partnered with US Fish and Wildlife Service and a conserved property landowner to replant a streambank along the Lamoille in Fairfax in October 2021.

Alders, paper birch, white pine, silky dogwoods, and more native riparian species were sourced from the Intervale Conservation Nursery and planted on a perfect planting day: planting into wet soil after a rainy day, occasional rain during the planting, low wind, and low sun which help to keep the bareroot plants healthy and viable as we transplant them from the nursery into the floodplain.

FCNRCD will continue to work with US Fish and Wildlife Service to maintain this planting through brush cutting and other best management practices as needed in the years to come to support these new stems in a deer and vole browse-heavy location!

Contact us if you are interested in a tree planting on your property to improve water quality too at info@franklincountynrcd.org

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