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Be Stream Wise, Franklin County!

The Franklin County NRCD is partnering with the Lake Champlain Basin Program and other watershed organizations in the area to bring Stream Wise to streamside property owners across Vermont. The Franklin County NRCD will be Franklin County streamside landowners' resource for all things Stream Wise this summer.

Stream Wise encourages streamside landowners to adopt practices that stabilize streambanks, prevent pollution, and protect fish & wildlife habitat. Through Stream Wise, stream stewards in Franklin County can nurture healthy streams, promote flood resilience, and protect our local communities.

In scheduling and conducting Stream Wise assessments, FCNRCD will provide technical advice and assistance to Franklin County landowners looking to improve stream stewardship. These site visits and evaluations will be offered at no cost to property owners, and they are completely voluntary and nonregulatory. Landowners with strong stream stewardship and particularly stream-friendly properties have the opportunity to receive the Stream Wise Award.

What do you value about your stream or river? Whether you love your stream for the beautiful views, wildlife, or recreation, Stream Wise can help you learn how to protect and support your stream. Stream Wise is for all streamside property owners, whether you already have a healthy, vegetated buffer or you are just beginning to learn about stream stewardship.

To schedule your free Stream Wise assessment today, visit

You can also call 802-528-4159 or email to schedule an assessment.

To learn more, visit

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