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(F)All About Maple!

Find a Maple 100 Event Near You

The Vermont Maple 100 is only two weeks away! The Maple 100 is a month-long annual promotion highlighting the hundreds of maple activities, adventures, and maple-inspired products available across Vermont. Events are taking place at farms, food businesses, sugarmakers, restaurants, lodging establishments, and more! You can see a color-coded list of Maple 100 participants here. You can also view a map of every event here. Find an event near you, support a local business, and explore Vermont's sweetest export! Maple 100 Events: Sept. 15th-Oct. 15th

UVM Extension Maple Business Programs

The University of Vermont has two educational series offered through the Maple Management Program. The Fall Webinar Series is on Wednesdays from Aug. to Oct. at 7:00pm ET. These free events cover topics like succession and transfer planning, financial planning, and market development. You can see descriptions here. The Fall Business Short Courses are in-depth multi session courses that include live sessions, activities, and resources. The free courses are four weeks and cover succession and transfer planning and business management. You can see descriptions here. Register for webinars and courses here

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