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Farmers Learn Nutrient Management, Write Plans

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

The Conservation District again provided one-on-one assistance to small, family farms participating in UVM Extension’s Nutrient Management Planning class. “The class was informal enough to make it easy to learn,” reflected Earl Fournier, a long-time organic farmer in Swanton who took the class this January. Taught by UVM Ext’s Heather Darby, farmers learn principles of soil health, nutrient cycling, crop needs, water quality protection, and more. Farmers are also introduced to GoCrop, the software where they can write and annually update their Nutrient Management Plans, as well as keep records. “GoCrop is just what I was looking for,” reflected Fournier, “I’ve got everything I need right in front of me.” Graduates completed Plans that conform to NRCS and State standards and will guide their applications of manure and other nutrients. The 2020 class just concluded, graduating 12 more farms, and the District and UVM are providing ongoing assistance to class alumni with record keeping and updates to plans. Contact Jeannie to inquire about the class for 2021 at 528-4176 or

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