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Lake Carmi Watershed Workshop: Healthy Streams

In case you missed it:

In August, Franklin community members gathered at the Franklin Homestead & Carriage House to learn about streams and watersheds from VTDEC River Scientist Staci Pomeroy.


What is a watershed? A watershed is all the land that drains to a specific point in a stream or lake. Watersheds remind us that we are all connected as a community. Even if you don't live directly on a lakeshore or along a stream, the way you manage water on your property is connected to the entire watershed.

Much of what the Franklin County NRCD does at Lake Carmi includes encouraging lakefront property owners to use stormwater best management practices on their properties to help improve lake water quality. However, anyone with land in the Lake Carmi watershed can help make a difference. Check out the Vermont Stormwater Guide for Homeowners and Small Businesses to learn about various ways landowners across the watershed can help improve the health of Lake Carmi.

Map of Lake Carmi watershed including Alder Run, Dicky's Brook, Dewing Brook, Kane Brook, Hammond North Brook, Hammond South Brook, Marsh Brook, Prouty Brook, Westcott Brook, and Sandy Bay Brook.
The Lake Carmi watershed includes 10 tributaries.

Riparian Buffers

Riparian buffers are the transitional zone between a stream and the upland area. Maintaining vegetation in these buffers is extremely important for various reasons. Riparian buffers increase streambank stability and flood resilience

, reduce the pollutants and sediment that reach stream channels, and provide extremely important wildlife habitat.

If you live along a stream or river, consider expanding the vegetation in the riparian buffer to help improve not only the health of your stream, but also the health of the entire watershed.

The Stream Wise website provides helpful tools for landowners looking to steward streams and rivers on their properties.

Workshop Recording

If you weren't able to attend our Healthy Streams workshop in August, view the recording here.

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