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Leg. Candidates visit with the Franklin & Grand Isle Counties NRCDs to discuss Natural Resources

The Franklin and Grand Isle Counties Natural Resources Conservation Districts want to extend a deep "thank you" to legislative candidates who came to a farm Highgate Center on Tuesday, October 25th to discuss natural resources and the work of Vermont's 14 Natural Resources Conservation Districts.

Attendees stand in a circle in front of a barn and excavator

Nine candidates attended the event to meet the boards and staff of the Conservation Districts, walk down to a pilot willow nursery plot on the farm, and discuss the breadth and depth of the work of the Franklin and Grand Isle County Conservation Districts. Vermont's Conservation Districts are rooted in communities, and we are proud to show our local candidates how those roots help to strengthen and support the environment.

The pilot willow nursery plot is intended to become a future local, resilient, reliable source of planting materials for streamside planting projects to help improve water quality in the Northwest corner of Vermont. Implementing projects like this is a core function of Vermont's Natural Resources Conservation Districts - we connect people, organizations, and resources to steward our natural resources for the future.

Conservation Districts are excited about the connections made with candidates who are all leaders in our communities. We are thrilled to have more folks understand the work Conservation Districts are doing to help land stewards make conservation decisions that change the landscape for people and the planet, and we value our partnership with state agencies and legislators in advocating for Vermont's natural resources.

Thanks again to all who attended our event and met with us - we are deeply grateful for the relationships made and strengthened. Thanks to: Pam McCarthy, Lisa Hango, Mike McCarthy, Al Maynard, Tom Oliver, Bobby Starr, Randy Brock, Michael Morgan, and Cindy Weed.

Thank you also to our partners from the Missisquoi River Basin Association, Friends of Northern Lake Champlain, South Hero Land Trust, Lake Champlain Islands Economic Development Corporation, and Grand Isle Consolidated Water District who attended and helped lift up our work at the Conservation Districts - it is great to have friends and partners like you!

Attendees walk towards hay field with sun setting sky

Attendees walk across the frame with a hayfield in the foreground and a sunset sky in the background

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