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Protecting Lake Carmi with Lake Wise Camp Projects

During the last week of June, Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District collaborated with Franklin Watershed Committee to help Lake Carmi camps be more lake-friendly by improving camp stormwater management and re-vegetating shoreline buffers. The Vermont Youth Conservation Corps water quality crew spent a week implementing several projects that FCNRCD and FWC had recommended during summer 2022 Lake Wise visits at five camps along Patton Shore Rd. This work builds on FCNRCD's ongoing efforts to inventory and recommend best management practices to improve watershed health at Lake Carmi.

All in all, the VYCC crew installed 163 feet of dripline infiltration trenches, planted 24 native shrubs and perennials along the lakeshore, and replaced 336 square feet of concrete patio and walkway with pervious pavers and gravel. The goal of these improvements is to reduce the amount of stormwater reaching Lake Carmi, reduce erosion on properties adjacent to the lake, and stabilize the shoreline with natural vegetation. You can learn more about best management practices for healthy lakeshores on the Vermont DEC website.

If you are interested in making similar improvements at your Lake Carmi camp or residence, Franklin County NRCD and Franklin Watershed Committee are offering FREE Lake Wise visits in summer 2023. Lake Wise is a free, voluntary program educating lakeshore owners about lake-friendly living and celebrating excellent stewardship. Participating in Lake Wise is a great way to learn how to manage your camp or home to improve lake health! If you would like to request a visit, please contact us by email at or by phone at (802) 528-4159.

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