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Soil Builders Webinars: Education in Action - What YOU can do to protect the Lake Champlain

This Module from Composting Association of Vermont, organized in partnership Friends of Northern Lake Champlain and Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District, features presentations from Deb Neher (UVM) and Brian Jerose (Agrilab Technologies Inc.).

Listen in as we explore the connections between soil health and water quality, and best management practices for erosion control and revegetation in yards, fields, on banks and hillsides, and in road-side ditches.

  • Introduction to Soil Builders Program (Natasha Duarte): 0-5:06

  • Linkages between soil health and water quality (Deb Neher): 5:06-21:13

  • Impacts of land use on watershed function and what can be done (Brian Jerose): 21:13-1:02:15

  • Comments from Kent Henderson and Lauren Weston: 1:02:15-1:06:10

  • Discussion: 1:06:10-1:29:10

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