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Tree Planting

Trees on Streams

Trees and vegetation can help stabilize stream banks from erosion, provide habitat, and improve water quality. They hold soil in place, filter out nutrients and other pollutants before they reach the water source, and provide so many other ecosystem services.

Get Involved

​Get Involved

Interested in planting and maintaining a buffer by a stream? For eligible projects, the District will provide preliminary consultation, plant materials, and planting labor; the landowner agrees to maintain the site for ten years.

Learn about additional landowner opportunities for streamside plantings in northwestern Vermont here.

District employee smiles while kneeling and planting a small pine tree next to a river.


Learn about considerations for planning successful planting projects from Katie Kain (USFWS):

Learn about engaging volunteers in tree planting projects from Kristen Balschunat (Winooski NRCD):

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